Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Round Robin tournament “Battle of the Strongest 2” streaming live, feat. IFCYipes, Chris Matrix, and more!

By on December 30, 2018 at 1:32 pm

You probably don’t need to be sold on this, but one of the FGC’s most engaging personalities — 2007 EVO Champion IFC Yipes — is streaming and commentating Battle of the Strongest 2. This is a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 round robin featuring some of the game’s most decorated legends competing for a winner-takes-all prize of $1k.

A gauntlet for one of the most punishing, technical, and wild games from the early days of the FGC? Of course you’re watching! It’s live right now, and you can check out all the action below:


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Source: IFC Yipes

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