English translation of Project Soul’s thoughts on latest SoulCalibur VI balance changes now available

By on December 30, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Legendary SoulCalibur pro Hayate_Ein has gone through the trouble of translating the developer interviews for the most recent balance changes of SoulCalibur VI. If you were curious about a decision made in the latest version of the game — or about some of the changes to come — then you’ll want to check out his translation here.

Perhaps most interesting — and troubling — is the lengthy discussion around the controversial nerf to Siegfried and Nightmare’s ring out throws. There was speculation that this was to appease complaints from online-only players, and it turns out that was exactly the case. With all the good decisions made in version 1.10 — it’s worrying that this is the type decision making that could impact future changes.

Source: Hayate_Ein

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