Punch Planet updates to version 0.4.1.a, adds online lobby/spectator modes

By on December 29, 2018 at 11:37 am
punch planet

Punch Planet is an Early Access Sci-Fi fighter in development from 3-man indie studio Sector-K Games. You may already be familiar with them thanks to their active presence — and character reveals — on the floor at Evo 2017 and Evo 2018. The latest version of Punch Planet just dropped today on Steam, and it includes some dramatic new changes to its online functionality: the addition of Online Lobbies and Spectating.

Players can now compete in rotation king-of-the-hill style with up to 7 other players, and spectate matches that are in progress.

Current features of the lobby system:

  • Players can leave the rotation if they wish to only spectate
  • If only two players are in the rotation, players can rematch as much as they want
  • Players will be automatically skipped if AFK
  • Lobbies can be private and steam friends can be invited / join
  • Steam profiles can now be viewed
  • Total amount of players online is now shown

The developers at Sector-K promise that this is just the beginning of their plans for the online mode — they have future plans for matchmaking queues, data/rank tracking, and more in the works.

In addition to the new functionality of online mode, there’s several game-play and graphical updates in the new patch. You can read the additions and balance changes for the latest version here, and purchase the game here.

Source: PunchPlanet

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