rooflemonger ends the 12 Days of DBFZ Tech-Mas with Android 16 block strings, Super Sayan Vegeta combos and more

By on December 21, 2018 at 2:00 pm

Also featuring a “Christmas Miracle” for Broly!

Due to having to visit his family for the holidays earlier than expected, rooflemonger has had to unfortunately cut his 12 Days of DBFZ Tech-Mas series a few days short, but has still provided us with a stocking stuffed with some great Dragon Ball FighterZ tech and tidbits.

First up, are some post-Super Dragon Rush setups for Bardock, utilizing Super Jump Installs that can dramatically increase the Low-Class Saiyan warrior’s damage output before landing a Snapback. However, it is corner-exclusive.

Next, we have some blockstring pressure from everyone’s favorite Super Saiyan 3 Fused rat-boy, Gotenks!

Moving on, we’ve got some fantastic mid-screen combos and Saibamen resets for the Great Nappa, most of which are now only possible due to his recent buffs in last month’s balance patch. However, this does require Gotenks’s Galactic Doughnut Assist and only works with the Medium Saibamen.

To continue, rooflemonger brings us some unseeable, unreachable mixups with Earth’s strongest human Krillin, utilizing his Level 3, Scattering Energy Wave.

For the abrupt finale of Tech-Mas, we have some optimal corner combos for Super Saiyan Vegeta utilizing multiple reps of his Interceptor Kick, as well as some Android 16 block strings, and a “Christmas Miracle” for Broly that’s sure to brighten your day.

You can also check out the first three Days of Tech-Mas, which featured Broly corner pressure setups, a Fused Zamasu tag glitch, and some Android 21 mixup options after her air Level 3, thanks to buffs in the recent patch.

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