What you need to know about Azwel’s nerfs in SoulCalibur VI

By on December 19, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Perhaps no character in SoulCalibur VI was nerfed more than Azwel in the latest patch. Namco made an honest effort to bring him more in line with the rest of the cast, and it’s easy to see that in decisions like the much requested backdash nerf. But just because the list of changes is long doesn’t mean all the nerfs are that severe, or that they are even all nerfs:

If we take a fine-toothed comb through his changes — as Scallywag 93 does in the latest video above — we can see that Azwel is still an incredible threat whose core gameplay is still in tact. He just has to play a little more honestly, and I’m sure Azwel will agree that that’s good for the glory of all mankind.

Source: Scallywag 93

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