Final GEICO Championships to be held Dec 22nd, 2018, features top players in Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition battling for $15k prize pool

By on December 19, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Eight months of GEICO-sponsored online tournaments — both for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and Tekken 7 — have built up to this one moment: the Final GEICO Championships. The top 16 qualifiers will travel to San Francisco, CA to battle for a prize poolof $15k, and you can see the event, in person, for free:

Schedule: Saturday, December 22

Doors: 10:00 AM

Street Fighter V Final 8: 11:00 AM

Tekken 7 Final 8: 3:00 PM

Event Close: 8:00 PM



Street Fighter V:

  • Punk
  • Soriku
  • Shine
  • CJ_Truth
  • Samurai
  • DidimoKof
  • ChrisCCH
  • Taman Shud

Tekken 7:

  • Joonya
  • SperoGin
  • Shadow
  • FightingGM
  • Binchang
  • Runitblack
  • tkpling
  • ricksteeezy

The event will also be streamed over at Geico’s Twitch page.Β For more information about the Final GEICO Championships, visit their page here.

Source:Β GEICOGaming

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