Street Fighter V Kage Day One Roundup — Tiger Knee Tatsu Crossup, VT1 cancels, Kazunoko’s Kage, and more!

By on December 17, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Ryu has finally resisted the Satsui no Hadou, granting the dark force its own body and the ability to anime air-dash and wear LED horns. It also gave him a new name — he’s Kage, now — and a new character slot in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition! Capcom made the new “Eviler Ryu” available for download during Capcom Cup and players have, unsurprisingly already started dissecting the “returning” Shadow Shoto. Let’s see what the community has cooked up!

First, we have some basic bread n’ butter combos for meterless, V-Trigger 1, and V-Trigger 2 setups. Looks like Kage dragged Street Fighter IV’s FADC mechanic along with him!

Kage has a nice little crossup versus standing opponents with Air Tatsu.

And it becomes a nightmare mixup tool when used meaty.

Oh, and speaking of meaties, Kage has the tools to ruin opponents that like to use quick rise.

And closing us out today, let’s look into what the pros are doing on day one: Poongko and Kazunoko are both already rocking scary looking Kages!

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