Ryu/Kage’s voice actor, Kyle Hebert, talks about the path from DJing to Video Game voice acting on Mekel Kasanova Podcast

By on December 17, 2018 at 4:00 pm

There’s a good chance if you’ve played a video game or watched an anime — that should be all of you, theoretically — you’ve likely run into the voice acting work of Kyle Hebert. He’s the voice of Ryu for the past ten years, since Street Fighter IV — and that means, of course, he also got work as the recently released Kage in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. You might know him best from where he got his start in the industry, though: as Teen Gohan in Dragon Ball Z.

For those interested in the acting side of games creation, this is a great interview to listen to. Kyle shares his personal path into the industry, which sees him as one of the most prominent talents in the field.

Source: Mekel Kasanova

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