FGC documentary “A Fighting Chance” shows community grassroots in action

By on December 17, 2018 at 10:00 am
a fighting chance

From the Battle of the Bay to Evolution Championships 2018, the fighting game community has grown immensely over the years with the rise of esports. Though big organizations continue to invest in platforms and players, we can’t forget about the building blocks of the scene.

A new documentary from MR. Z takes a closer look at fighting games. Rather than focusing on the big and the glamorous, the video shows a different aspect of Mike “ElvenShadow” Boczar, the co-organizer of Frosty Faustings. ElvenShadow is seen at his home, during “Garage Gear” a monthly event he started to host from his very own garage. With setups supplied by its attendees, it’s a great example of the spirit of the FGC; the event welcomes multiple games as ElvenShadow tries to fit as many guests in his garage (and outside!) as possible. The video also shows Michigan’s Lennel “L-Train” Dinkins at Youmacon, an anime convention which is also a big event for fighting game enthusiasts.

Check out the short documentary from the fledgling video maker below and give him a shout out to support his future ventures with our community.

Source: MR. Z

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