Gigas is still in Tekken! That Blasted Salami breaks Gigas’s Season 2 changes, and why you shouldn’t underestimate him

By on December 16, 2018 at 2:00 pm
gigas tekken 7

When the Season 2 patch first dropped for Tekken 7, one of its most controversial changes were those given to the local Big Red Monster, Gigas. Despite his muscles and intimidating presence, he was considered one of the weakest characters in the game — So to suffer nerfs in safety and frame advantage seemed, at the time, tone-deaf on the part of Namco.

Now that the dust has settled, though, That Blasted Salami‘s latest video — which covers all of Gigas’s changes in Season 2 –points out the retooling Gigas has received in place of his losses ultimately make him a better character at both punishing and footsies. Things like 21 jailing, or the reduced recovery on stance transitions, go a long way. Gigas might not be as strong as the rest of the cast still — and in a post Marduk world, perhaps he faces a certain amount of irrelevance — but you should be careful against him all the same. Remember, Panda won TWT.


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