rooflemonger shows off Cell’s new Sparking Blast corner loop in Dragon Ball FighterZ

By on December 13, 2018 at 3:00 pm

The Perfect Being has been improved!

Despite seeing a bit of a fall from grace following some increased damage scaling and startup on some key normals in last August’s Dragon Ball FighterZ balance patch, the latest update actually slightly improved the personification of perfection by increasing the initial hitbox on his 2S, as well as making it blow the opponent back on hit. Though this seems like a very minor and inconsequential quality-of-life change on paper, it has actually granted Dr. Gero’s greatest creation access to a new Sparking Blast loop that can be performed when he has foes cornered or is even in the corner himself.

As rooflemonger explains, the new combo can build around 3 bars of Ki, can be start off of a very match-practical starter in his 6M overhead, and can be looped as long as hitstun decay will allow, but will generally allow 3 reps of 2S. Cell can also perform the sparking loop while he is in the corner, due to his Perfect Attacks having slight invulnerability to air attacks. For a full visual demonstration of the loop, complete with inputs displayed, check out rooflemonger’s video below.

Source: rooflemonger

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