Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Xanadu Launch Tournament results

By on December 11, 2018 at 4:30 pm

This past weekend, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launched, beginning a new era for Nintendo’s crossover brawler. With that in mind, Xanadu Games looked to kick things off with a massive bang by hosting a launch tournament for the brand-new title. With 166 Smashers entering the Singles tournament, as well as competition in Doubles and the new Squad Strike format, we were promised a great look at the competitive beginnings and early hype for this new game.



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

1. Demise|ZD (Fox, Incineroar, Luigi)
2. WaDi (R.O.B., Mii Gunner, King K. Rool)
3. Demise|Seagull Joe (Wolf, Young Link, Bowser)
4. Dexter (Wolf, Lucina, Marth)
5. TG|Static (Bowser)
5. Chrome Kingfisher (Donkey Kong)
7. Rags (Donkey Kong, Meta Knight)
7. VGBC|Logic (Olimar)
9. Fastcree (Isabelle)
9. VGBC|Coney (Inkling)
9. F.O.E. (Inkling)
9. VGBC|GimR (Mr. Game & Watch)
13. BootEKing (Inkling)
13. JJ Jick Jrew (Inkling)
13. Dingus Joe (Mr. Game & Watch)
13. Mogg (Richter, Pac-Man)
17. VGBC|Pink Fresh (Bayonetta)
17. Global|loS (Little Mac)
17. Joe-J (Ike)
17. Boss HIGHERARCHY|Boss (Dr. Mario)
17. JeBB (Palutena, Marth)
17. Kazenoko (Little Mac, Zelda, Cloud)
17. SL|Sunfish (Rosalina & Luma, Kirby)
17. Yama (Ness)
25. Porkaye (Wolf)
25. UMBC|Disgaea (Mr. Game & Watch)
25. -Xeroskia
25. Ronin (Pichu)
25. sM|McFly (Cloud, Young Link)
25. VGBC|Aposl (Pokémon Trainer)
25. VGBC|TKbreezy (Wii Fit Trainer)
25. Doris (King K. Rool)
33. Soul Train (King Dedede)
33. Qwerty
33. NoWa
33. Valdens
33. Unknown (Meta Knight)
33. HP|Van
33. InC|Snow (Wolf)
33. NOCHAE|Techei (Wolf, Pichu)
33. Brute Gaming|Orpheus (R.O.B.)
33. Guy (Incineroar)
33. (Luigi)
33. SL|ColdWeatherr (Pit, Sheik)
33. Mettsu (Roy, R.O.B.)
33. DaRk
33. Squeak (Meta Knight, R.O.B.)
33. Chusday (Rosalina & Luma)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [Doubles]

1. Demise|ZD (Fox) & Demise|Seagull Joe (Wolf)
2. VGBC|Logic (Olimar) & VGBC|Coney (Inkling)
3. VGBC|Pink Fresh (Bayonetta) & VGBC|TKbreezy (Wii Fit Trainer)
4. Boss HIGHEARCHY|Boss (Dr. Mario) & WaDi (King K. Rool)
5. F.O.E. (Inkling) & Fastcree (Isabelle)
5. Nika (Lucina, Simon) & Yama (Ness, Lucas)
7. NOCHAE|Techei (Pichu) & Bonz (Yoshi)
7. Rags (Lucina) & Remzi (Mario)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [Squad Strike]

1. Rags (Meta Knight, Mario, Donkey Kong)
2. Demise|Seagull Joe (Wolf, Bowser, Young Link)
3. WaDi (King K. Rool, R.O.B., Wii Fit Trainer/King K. Rool, R.O.B., Mii Gunner)
4. VGBC|Coney (Incineroar, Inkling, King K. Rool)
5. InC|Snow (Wolf, Lucina, Dark Pitt)
5. Dexter (Lucina, Chrom, Wolf)
7. UMBC|Disgaea
7. F.O.E. (Ridley, Marth, Inkling)

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