Italian GameStop website appears to leak details of Mortal Kombat 11’s Premium Edition

By on December 11, 2018 at 9:00 am
Armored Shao Khan MK11 crop

Plus the first look at a new costume for pre-order DLC character Shao Khan!

Last Thursday night, the announcement trailer of Mortal Kombat 11 came roaring at us like a blast of Raiden’s thunder. Aside from the brief cinematic clash between Scorpion and Dark Raiden, as well as the announcement of an April 23rd release date, an online beta, and the promise of a global reveal on January 17th, we were left mostly in the dark about this new entry into the klassic series.

However, an online product listing by an Italian GameStop website may have leaked a bit more information about this new title, as well as more details on what will be likely be packed with the $100 Premium Edition of the game.

Test Your Might user Gamer68 spotted the Italian product description and put it through Google Translate. It reads as follows, with important points in bold:

Mortal Kombat is back and is more fit than ever in this new and fantastic evolution of the iconic title. Now you can customize the variants of your fighters down to the smallest detail, gaining unprecedented control over the aesthetics of the characters. The new graphic engine renders in the smallest details every crushed skull and torn heart, immersing yourself completely in the action of the most bloody scenes. In addition, the new list of fighters includes unpublished characters and the Klassics of the series, protagonists of fantastic movies in the story mode of the epic saga that has been going on for more than 25 years.

– New game engine, with even more bloody and bloody scenes
– New personalization system, with clothes, accessories and move sets never seen before
– New Fatality as well as a new GoreTech system to make the performances even more brutal
– Very strong multiplayer component, entirely oriented towards the esports: personalization systems, daily news, constantly updated rewards and an improved matchmaking

Additional Contents
The Premium Edition includes:
– Steelcase
– Kombat Pass: 6 characters & 6 Battlepass

To unpack some of this information, with the official press release already confirming the presence of “Custom Character Variations,” we could perhaps be seeing something to Injustice 2’s Gear System, which allowed players to customize their favorite DC characters with various costume pieces to create their own individual looks. Some pieces even unlocked additional Gear Abilities to expand or replace base attack’s in a fighter’s pool of moves. The new “GoreTech System,” combined with an upgrade to Unreal Engine 4 should make for some truly brutal and visceral moments.

NetherRealm Studios also appears to be placing a larger aspect on the esports and competitive aspect of their newest title, with the multiplayer component being “entirely oriented” towards it — with even stronger matchmaking, and what could be time-based Challenges and reminders of upcoming events, like we’ve seen in Dead or Alive 5, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2.

Finally, it seems the Premium Edition — in addition to Beta access and Shao Khan — will provide purchasers with a Steelbox case and a Kombat Pack containing 6 DLC Kombatants and 6 “Battle Passes,” that we’ll likely learn more about at a a later date. There is also a new screenshot depicting Shao Khan in a suit of armor with his Warhammer. Whether this is an alternate costume or some type of customized outfit remains unknown. You can see the image, along with in-game screens of Dark Raiden and Scorpion, below.

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