Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s upcoming patch will also re-balance Extra Battle mode

By on December 10, 2018 at 9:00 am
sfv extra battle golden shadaloo soldier

Alongside making the game free to try for a week and putting in “sponsored content”, Tuesday’s patch for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is set to add some balance changes to the game’s Extra Battle mode — according to the official Shadaloo CRI page. Capcom claims that they’ve analyzed the data from some of the fights in Extra Battle, and will be adjusting the difficulty and replayability of some of the missions going forward.

What exactly they’ll be adjusting has not been stated as of this time, however. That said, this could mean that some missions which feature opponents that give out large sums of fight money, while being easily beaten with certain special moves might be getting adjusted (Flash-Kicking Golden Shadaloo Soldiers to death, for example).

Source: Shadaloo CRI

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