NRS players Ketchup & Mustard examine the way gimmicks work in the Mortal Kombat series

By on December 9, 2018 at 12:00 pm

With a new Mortal Kombat on the way, you may be looking to jump into playing a modern NRS game for the first time. Whether you’re brand new to the way the American studio does things, or just a player looking for a refresher, it’s important to understand how NRS tests your in-game knowledge. Or, put more simply: You need to know what a Mortal Kombat gimmick look like.

NRS commentators PNDK&M‘s latest videos tries to highlight this exact concept. Check out the video above for practical MKX examples of gimmicks that you can study right now in preparation for MK11.

Source: PNDK&M

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