Tekken 7 video roundup — Marduk wall game, Armor King cross-up re-splats, and more!

By on December 6, 2018 at 12:00 pm

While it’s obviously still very early in their lifespan, the newly released Tekken 7 DLC characters — Marduk and Armor King — are looking stronger than perhaps any other character has looked upon immediate release. Let’s take a look at the huge damage output and gimmicks these two wrestlers are currently rockin’:

Damage is the major focus of our Marduk submissions today. Here’s some advanced infinite stage combos…

… and here’s about everything you could want to know about Marduk’s wall game, including his re-splats and a disgusting throw mixup.

Lastly, it’s important to know how to approach Marduk, as he has a fairly unique block punishment game. His While Rising options are great, but heaven forbid you ever get your hopkick blocked.

If you’re looking for a nice, long dissertation on Armor King, here’s an hour long breakdown on the character. Class starts now!

And once you have your basics down, what I really expect to see from all you AK’s out there is some cross-up re-splats.

And closing out today’s post is the casual reminder that King and Armor King share a lot of similar qualities — for example, they both murder you on Forgotten Realm.

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