Jonny “HumanBomb” Cheng parts ways with Primo Esports, will not make it to the Capcom Cup Last Chance Qualifier

By on December 6, 2018 at 11:00 am

One player who hasn’t really been able to compete that much in the past few months, is Jonny “HumanBomb” Cheng. Now, we know the reason why: HumanBomb has announced over Twitter that he has parted ways with Primo Esports. Prior to this, he states that he had not been able to travel to compete over the past few month due to “complications with the contractual arrangement.”

The Hong Kong-based Primo Esports had previously acquired Forger Esports, the team that had been sponsoring HumanBomb prior to this. Whether or not the acquisition had anything to do with the aforementioned contractual complications is unknown. Because of his departure however, HumanBomb states that he will no longer be able to compete in the Last Chance Qualifier for Capcom Cup.

Source: HumanBomb

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