Fight of Gods to release for Nintendo Switch on December 12th in Asian markets, English version to follow later

By on December 6, 2018 at 10:47 am
Fight of Gods Jesus

Soon, you can bless your Nintendo Switch with the most beautifully blasphemous fighting game in existence — according to the Malaysian government, at least — Fight of Gods.

The plucky little Unity fighter received sudden bolster in sales when they announced Jesus as a playable character last year, prompting both political backlash and enough fanatical purchases to get them where they are today — releasing their tongue-in-cheek indie project onto the Nintedo Switch worldwide.

Well… eventually it’ll be worldwide, at least — the game releases into the Asian market on Dec. 12th, but an exact release date for the U.S. is still in the works.

Fight of Gods will retail for 1,500 ¥ in Japan, or about $14 USD.

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