Tekken 7 tech roundup — Armor King’s unblockable Rage Drive, Marduk death resets, and more!

By on December 4, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Wrestling fans, rejoice — With the surprise drop of version 2.10 of Tekken 7, Marduk and Armor King are running wild and scoring pinfalls all across the world. Both characters have rocketed out of the gate with strong combos and tech — let’s jump in and see what the community has found thus far!

Let’s start with Armor King. The feline heel hits hard thanks to his bootleg Wind God Fist (Dark Upper)…

…and his terrfying mixup game on grounded opponents. You’re gonna want to learn how to break ground grabs, friends.

Armor King’s Great Muta-reference Rage Drive is fascinating — a high unblockable that gives guaranteed grabs, and nothing else. What a terrifying and unique tool.

Now let’s pivot to Marduk. You probably take one look at Marduk and say to yourself “That is a man that can hurt me.” Congrats, you’re right:

Before you can death combo, though, you should probably pick up some more practical BnBs, especially if you’ve never played as the big man before.

His Rage Drive behaves strangely when done after certain extensions, but that won’t stop the Vale Tudo mixup from breaking bones (and lifebars.)

Really makes you wonder what Gigas’s future is, huh?

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