NTSC versions of games like Tekken 3 and Battle Arena Toshinden can be accessed on PlayStation Classic — with a trick

By on December 4, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Recently, we reported on the fact that some of the games on the PlayStation Classic, including a couple of fighting games, would be the PAL versions with the incorrect frame rate. Now, a method has surfaced to be able to play these games as the NTSC versions.

The trick to setting the console to play in NTSC simply involves access the settings of the emulator used by the PlayStation Classic. As the video below from Retro Gaming Arts demonstrates, this menu is pretty easy to access: all players need to do is to plug in a USB keyboard, and then press the ESC key.

Doing the above gives full access the the settings for the PCSX ReARMed emulator used by the console. Players can switch to NTSC by going to the “Options” menu and switching “Region” from “Auto” to “NTSC.”

Now, take note that some folks have stated that they haven’t been able to access the menu, and it seems that not all keyboards are recognized by the system. Additionally, as demonstrated in the video, changing some of the other settings can cause the system to crash.

Source: Retro Gaming Arts; via Nibel

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