Capcom Connect (Episode 10) streaming live from Esports Arena Oakland, featuring Daniel Tran & Julio Fuentes

By on December 4, 2018 at 7:45 pm
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The news, art, and action continues on Capcom Connect.

Capcom’s new weekly streaming show Capcom Connect continues tonight at 8:00 PM PT, streaming live from Esports Arena Oakland! Tune in at Capcom Fighters on Twitch.

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The stream will once again feature event and news recaps, Street Fighter V matches with guest players and art and cosplay from Street Fighter fans. Tonight’s guests are Daniel Tran and Julio Fuentes.

From the original Capcom-Unity announcement:

You will have the chance to win various codes for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition just by watching and interacting with our social channels. In the afternoon before each show, we’ll tweet out a specific hashtag on the Street Fighter or Capcom Fighters Twitter account. All you need to do is use that hashtag in a tweet of your own before the drawing begins at around 8:15 PM PT. During the show, we’ll randomly choose winners and announce them on-stream. After the show, expect a Direct Message from the Street Fighter or Capcom Fighters accounts with your code. The codes are currently only for North America.

If you’re an artist or cosplayer, tweet @StreetFighter with pictures of your creation and we just might feature it on the stream with all credit going towards you!

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