Cosmonaut Variety Hour explains not only why you should play fighting games — but also how

By on December 3, 2018 at 6:00 pm

While we do love them, fighting games are a hard genre to get into. As such, they’re not exactly going to appeal to everyone. This is what makes this new video about getting into the genre from the Cosmonaut Variety Hour unique: it’s from someone who initially didn’t like the genre. It was only after coming across another video on now defunct gaming video site GameTrailers that the Cosmonaut Variety Hour got their mind changed.

Now, they’re attempting to create a video that hopefully does the same for other people: as part of this, they’re also going into both the reasons they like fighting games, and some reasons why some people may not like them. This is in addition to discussing actual concepts that anyone interested can apply to approach the genre. The result is a video that could be something that us fighting game fanatics can share with those who don’t get why we love the genre.

Source: Cosmonaut Variety Hour

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