P. Ling talks about Tekken 7’s Lei, Red Bull Conquest, Training, and more in BornFree interview

By on December 2, 2018 at 4:00 pm

“I’m always moving. A lot of people think I’m a troll because I’m always doing something, but it feels natural for me.”

P. Ling is no stranger to the big stage — this online-born pro for UYU made big waves in 2016 as the highest finishing US player in The King of Iron Fist tournament. Despite his youth and uniquely erratic stance-heavy playstyle, he’s carved his own path and made himself one of the world’s most recognizable top players.

He still feels nervous about his place in the tournament scene — shocking, considering his tournament placements — but that self-awareness is what makes his interview with BornFree fascinating. Check out the video above to hear his thoughts on Online play, his history in the FGC, and more!

Source: BornFree

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