Don’t sleep on Eliza’s buffs in Season 2 of Tekken 7

By on December 2, 2018 at 6:00 pm
tekken 7 eliza

That Blasted Salami has been in the process of thoroughly documenting every new change, and its implications for each character, in Tekken 7. They’re at Eliza now, who has been a much troubled character since inception — have the Season 2 changes been kind to her?

Well, yes and no. Core elements to Eliza’s game-play in Season 1 took an overall hit — namely, divekicks and damage — but in its place is a more well rounded toolkit with considerable quality of life buffs. Check out the video above to see what Namco’s sleepiest vampire can do in the latest version of Tekken 7.

Source: That Blasted Salami

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