Rooflemonger analyzes the biggest winners and losers of the latest Dragon Ball FighterZ balance patch

By on December 1, 2018 at 10:00 am

Earlier this week, Dragon Ball FighterZ received an update that altered every single character on the current roster. This should inevitably lead to a notable shift in the competitive meta, as some mighty warriors gain the chance to rise, while others may see a dip in their overall strength.

After releasing a pair of breakdown videos before and after the patch went live, YouTuber Rooflemonger has now taken a look at the characters he believes are the biggest winners and losers in this new version of DBFZ.  You can see the full video below, which includes timestamps to jump forward to Rooflemonger’s thoughts on a specific character.

Once you’ve given the video a watch, feel free to share your thoughts on which FighterZ are the most blessed or cursed in the comments section below. Will you be switching teams or picking up any new characters due to these changes, or will you stick to your current squads?

Source: Rooflemonger

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