rooflemonger visually breaks down the patch notes of Dragon Ball FighterZ in these videos

By on November 30, 2018 at 4:00 pm
beerus dbfz hakai

With a new patch comes a new layer of meta and play changes for Dragon Ball FighterZ. While there was a rough outline of how the patch would change the game, there were a few unknowns and some ambiguous verbiage within the notes themselves. This caused rooflemonger to create a pre-patch analysis video of what he viewed the changes to be.

Since the patch, he has begun checking the accuracy of his previous video. He saw many things proved to be correct, including the loss of the ability to create mixups off of Bardock and Android 16’s Level 3s. But also, he saw amazing new stuff: such as amazing buffs to Beerus that brings him into a higher realm of existence, Broly being able to connect 2H on smaller characters, and Goku Blue having a true tick command throw from any normal.

Source: rooflemonger


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