BornFree interviews Tekken 7 threat Joey Fury at Red Bull Conquest 2018

By on November 30, 2018 at 3:00 pm
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BornFree continued his Red Bull Conquest 2018 interview series with a man that, at this point, is one of Tekken 7‘s most recognizable faces: recently signed Equinox pro Joseph “Joey Fury” Bennett.

Joey Fury’s reputation as a killer in Tekken 7 is well earned: from before the game was even out in the States, he was already defeating Saint and JDCR at Final Round 2017. At Red Bull Conquest he conquered legendary Tekken vet Mr. Naps; between this and the incredible positivism in his 40+ minute plus interview above, it’s hard to see Joey slipping from his consistently-high tournament placements anytime soon.

Source: BornFree


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