How historically accurate are SoulCalibur characters?

By on November 28, 2018 at 5:00 pm
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Obviously recognizing the sheer ridiculousness of the SoulCalibur universe — the spandex demon-slaying ninja, the whip-sword dominatrix, Yoshimitsu’s antics, to name a few — the sixth game does make some attempt to at least organize the timeline in a digestible format. Now that we see actual dates from the story to follow the events, as well as years of background history for each warrior, YouTuber and video game documentarian Super Bunnyhop took a detailed look. Take a seat, because this lesson on the Stage of History is long, detailed, and educational.

It’s not without a sense of humor, though! He walks us through the general historical background and Bandai Namco’s positive spin on the “Age of Discovery” which was also full of bloodshed and religious warfare. The grim, medieval reality doesn’t exactly line up with the colorful video game, but Super Bunnyhop dissects where the creators drew inspiration to craft their vision. For instance, remember the weapon demonstrations made for every character in the past games? There’s a historical, martial-arts background for that.

At about the eight minute mark, he gets into the Japanese characters, Yoshimitsu, Taki, and Mitsurugi. He sheds light on how Sophitia’s background could have been much more accurate if she was from Sparta as opposed to Athens. After them, the video switches focus to Voldo, Siegfried, and Cervantes.

It may be a bit lengthy, but personally, I’m a fan of Super Bunnyhop’s analytical video game essays. Check it out below:

Source: Super Bunnyhop


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