STL1119 demonstrates how Akuma’s wall bounce in Tekken 7 sets up ridiculous wall re-splats

By on November 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Famed combo maker STL1119 has pushed Akuma’s wall bounce to strange and exciting places in his latest Tekken 7 combo video. It probably shouldn’t be a surprise — Akuma’s entire gimmick is that he can spend meter to get unique 2D-inspired combo extensions — but his ability to manipulate extensions post wall bounce are staggering.

While some of  STL1119‘s typical combo calling cards are there — I think this video might have the longest run-under reverse corner carry I’ve seen in Tekken to date — it’s Akuma’s ability to keep the enemy high on the wall, or constantly re-splat, that seals the show.

Source: STL1119


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