Fighting EX Layer on PlayStation 4 will be upgraded to Version 1.1.1 on November 30, patch notes now available

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A long list of changes and improvements are inbound for Fighting EX Layer.

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Fans and competitors who enjoy ARIKA’s excellent fighting game Fighting EX Layer will want to take note that November 30 will see some big changes for the game. Not only will the long-awaited Steam version be launching, but that day will see the rollout of a patch for the PlayStation 4 version that bumps the game up to Version 1.1.1. The changes are extensive, and ARIKA has published the patch notes in English and Japanese on their Facebook page. Have a look at the English list below; there are numerous system upgrades alongside balance changes to both characters and Gougi decks.

[Version 1.1.1 Changes]
*New Additions
-When losing to the CPU, a [YOU LOSE] logo was added.
-When beginning an ONLINE match, a [YOU] marker is now displayed over your character. (Not every round)
-In Network Settings or Room Search, the option [Same Territory Only] was removed. (Steam version only)
-When inputting a Search Code or Password for a Casual Match, an Input Interface will be displayed. (Steam version only)
-Support for 10 languages was added to the in-game descriptions.
*Set Menus, Options, and some other parts will remain in the English Alphabet.
Supported Languages: Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
*Please check the sample images ->…

*Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments
-Fixed an issue where getting hit by Blaire’s Sliding Arrow while performing a moving attack would cause her to teleport to the opponent and throw them regardless of distance.
-Fixed an issue where it was possible to fulfill the [Hit your opponent with a Dashing Move] activation requirement in an unintended manner.
-Fixed an issue where Rosso’s Counter did not work on certain moves.
-Fixed an issue where jumping immediately before getting hit by the last hit of Spin Side Shoot would not activate the Hit Grab animation.
-Fixed an issue when playing as Garuda vs Skullomania where teching an airgrab would cause them to switch places.
-Fixed an issue where it was possible to connect with a Counter move after blocking an attack that stays active for a long time.
-Balanced the BGM volume when opening the Pause Menu.
-Fixed an issue where there was no leg hurtbox during Batting Hero.
-Fixed a rare issue while Hades is active where under certain conditions your opponent became unable to move.
-Fixed an issue where the CPU would occasionally fail to rise in Training Mode.
-Adjusted the camera during Jack’s forward throw.
-Fixed an issue where it possible to combo st.FP into cr.MK in certain situations (Blaire, Sanane, Pullum).
-Fixed an issue where Chain Combos would miss on a Skullomania’s crouching hurtbox (Hayate’s crHP would whiff).
-Fixed an issue where certain special moves would whiff on a crouching Shadowgeist’s crouching hurtbox.
-Fixed an issue where an unintended lingering hurtbox remained during Jack’s forward jump.
-Fixed an issue where stand blocking a Hard Attack would cause chip damage (D.Dark, Shadowgeist, Jack).
-Adjusted the frame data of Shadowgeist’s stMK.

[Gougi Changes]
*Hunting Dash
-Activation conditions changed to [Perform 15 Attacks from a Dash.]
-Now performed by inputting Down -> Up.
-The properties of the Hunting Dash have been changed.
-Using Hunting Dash now costs 25 Super Meter. (Will not work if you have less than 25 Meter).

-Activation conditions changed to [Dash for a total of 4 seconds].
-Now performed by inputting Down -> Up-Forward or Down -> Up to teleport in front of your opponent, and Down -> Up-Back to teleport above them.
-The startup motion has been slightly sped up. (11 frames -> 7 frames)
-The range of the teleport has been lengthened.

-Activation conditions changed from avoid contact with the opponent for 6 Seconds -> 12 Seconds.
-The time you stay invisible has been lowered from 90 frames -> 60 frames.

-The time you stay invisible has been lowered from 90 frames -> 60 frames.

[Other Adjustments]
-Update to the Gougi descriptions. (Shinobi, Hunting Dash, Teleport)
-Allen’s Expert Mode Challenge #16 has been changed.
-The command for Skullomania and Shadowgeist’s taunt has been changed. (The command list has been updated)
-The CPU’s use of Hunting Dash has been updated. (They will not perform it if they do not have meter)
-Added a visual cue to mark 50% of a Super Meter gauge.

Source: ARIKA (Facebook)


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