Learn how to manipulate wall juggles with the many options of SoulCalibur VI’s Raphael

By on November 26, 2018 at 3:00 pm
scvi soulcalibur vi raphael reveal 2

SoulCalibur VI has been incredibly kind to Raphael players. While he might still have his by-design weakness to sidestep, SC’s original fencer racks up damage in surprising areas he’s never been able to before. He has exceptionally good punishment, lockdown pressure, good launchers, and perhaps most importantly, insane potential off wall splats.

That latter point is illustrated in the latest in-depth tutorial from LimitBreakGamingAndJapan, whom shows off the variety of highly technical conversions Raphael gets off of his many wall-splats. Going through these wall combos will also teach you a lot about his unique links and Prep cancels — and how this incarnation could be the strongest Raph has ever been.

Source: LimitBreakGamingAndJapan


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