Astaroth’s Ride of the Wicked sets up round-stealing okizeme in SoulCalibur VI

By on November 19, 2018 at 1:00 pm
scvi astaroth 2

Astaroth’s Soul Charge mode in SoulCalibur VI is shaping up to be a round-stealing beast, and it’s due to a 50/50 loop he can setup from multiple scenarios. The most terrifying of these is easily his Soul Charge 214A+G command grab, “Ride of the Wicked”:

Because B+K causes an non-air controllable state on airborne opponents, Astaroth can easily setup a terrifying 50/50 off any 22B hit during Soul Charge. There’s a tremendous amount of practicality here: He can combo into this from 214+A+G and CH 6B, and 6B frame traps from the 4BB that’s used to spike at the end of the “Ride of the Wicked” okizeme. With some creativity, Astaroth can take an opponent from full health to 0% with just a few coin flips thanks to this setup.

Source: APE OF THE U N I V E R S E


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