Did you “body” your opponent, or were they just “free”? Justin Wong seeks the truth in his new video

By on November 15, 2018 at 11:00 am
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It’s common for any organized group to have their own vocabulary, but the FGC seems to take things to another level. The amount of “OD”s and “Jebaited“s that come out of my own mouth are astounding, as though the terminology surrounding fighters form their own language — though, with every language comes discrepancies: for example, what exactly is the difference between the phrases “bodied” and “free”…?

While both words have very different implications, they can both be used for the very same scenarios, leaving usage solely to preference. That being said, in the world of competitive fighting, there always has to be a winner… so Echo Fox|Justin Wong did a little bit of field research in his new video below.

In the end, “bodied” kept a pretty clear lead in the counters, but that data could vary when asking other players. Perhaps in the future this preference could be defined around regions? Or maybe games played? Regardless, the thin line remains — but with a score like 8 to 3, “free” got bodied… free.

Source: Justin Wong


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