Best comeback yet in Street Fighter V? HiFight shares a closer look at Daigo Umehara’s epic round against Problem X at Red Bull Kumite

By on November 14, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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The round of Street Fighter V that shook Kumite to the core!

As an invitational for many of the absolute best Street Fighter V players in the game today, Red Bull Kumite 2018 was a near-constant highlight reel of impressive plays and clutch moments. One that stood out exceptionally was Daigo Umehara’s impressive comeback against Problem X in Losers Finals — it needs to be seen to be believed:

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The mental fortitude of both players in incredible in this round, and the fact that Umehara’s comeback is not won with a built-in mechanic such as V-Trigger activation (or even a Critical Art), but is instead hard-fought inch by inch, is what makes it so noteworthy in this game of “robbery” comebacks. FGC clipper extraordinaire HiFight has shared a version that highlights some of the frame states and decision-making at work in this epic round:

Even though Umehara lost the set (Problem X went on to face Fujimura in Grand Finals) this round will be remembered. If you missed Red Bull Kumite live, you’ll want to go check out the archive on Twitch for literally hours of the highest-caliber SFV play out there.

Sources: Red Bull Esports (Twitch); HiFight (Twitter)


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