New gameplay footage shows off 2B’s lasers, custom items, and more in SoulCalibur VI

By on November 8, 2018 at 5:53 am

Namco just concluded a new preview live-stream with Platinum Games to show about 20 minutes of new footage of SoulCalibur VI’s newest guest character, NieR: Automata’s 2B!

2B’s gameplay comes equipped with long strings, full screen lasers (with a small visual cue that looks like will allow them to be stepable on reaction… maybe?), and a 2nd self-destruct CE. Sadly, it was done on a low-health character, so exactly how much damage this alternate CE does is currently unknown. Also worth noting is the fact that, much like how Tekken 7‘s guest characters had altered jumps, it seems like 2B will have a uniquely higher jumper arc.

There’s also a small exhibition between Motohiro Okubo and Yoko Taro where we get to see 2B’s Soul Charge mode here (performed by a Taro CaS, no less!) which seems to have even longer attack strings and break attack projectiles.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 2B will be the first character in the SoulCalibur VI series to be customizeable.  The 2B DLC pack (free for those with the game’s Season Pass) includes NieR: Automata-themed background music and stage, 2B-themed extra parts and stickers, and additional weapons.

Sadly, there is still not set date for 2B’s release. SCVI producer Motohiro Okubo mentioned they were still fine tuning the character — but considering how far along they seem to be in her creation, it looks like her release can’t be that far off.

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