Street Fighter V: Mysterious Mod shows off their completed second Critical Arts for the cast

By on November 7, 2018 at 10:00 am

With many Street Fighter players disillusioned with the direction and decisions made with Street Fighter V, the “Mysterious Mod” hack of the PC version has offered a refreshing take on what decisions could be made to make Street Fighter V a more interesting game for all players. Its fast and loose system mechanics, with varying uses for V-Meter, offer a unique blend of options, combos, and depth to the title. The upcoming update could push that even further.

Touting second critical arts for all characters, Mysterious Mod shows new utility for each character in the game. While all of the new critical arts use recycled move animations from their characters’ current arsenal, the unique use of camera angles make for some amazing-looking design ideas from the developer.

Source: yvespandora


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