Shoryuken preview: Dead or Alive 6 continues to impress with gameplay footage from Koei Tecmo’s special event

By on November 6, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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A lengthy play session reveals charismatic characters, dynamic mechanics, and outrageous stages.

Earlier in October, Shoryuken was invited by Koei Tecmo for a hands-on preview with the latest build of Dead or Alive 6 and an interview with the title’s director, Yohei Shimbori. The build was based on the Tokyo Game Show 2018 version and included every announced character up until the recently announced Mila, Tina, and Bass. This brought the playable character roster from the humble four at E3 to a whopping fourteen. With the limited time I had to play the title, I decided to spend my time getting a brief look at every character that was playable so far. Thankfully, Koei Tecmo and One PR Studio provided capture equipment for the gameplay footage found within this preview!

My favorite characters to play with so far are Diego, Rig, Lei Fang, Ayane, and of course, Hayabusa. Everyone has something unique to offer, and their personalities are reflected through their design and playstyles.

Below you can find twenty-four uninterrupted minutes of Dead or Alive 6 gameplay showcasing every member of the high-octane cast! Hopefully, many of your gameplay questions will be answered by watching the preview, if not, please leave your questions in the comments section and I’ll do my best to get back to you with an update!

I also got the chance to play with a real Dead or Alive pro, Emmanuel “MASTER” Rodriguez. Being the DOA community manager, MASTER has been there from the beginning of our Dead or Alive 6 coverage. Luckily after E3 and Evo 2018, I was finally able to play against the helpful pro.

He showed me the ropes after I got the hang of the gameplay for Dead or Alive 6, and gave me a few pointers on how to improve my skill. This was where the new Break mechanics were really able to shine. Sure, I wasn’t able to pull off a win against the esteemed MASTER, but it did feel awesome to pull off some slick moves with the Break Blows, Break Holds, and Fatal Rush techniques that made me feel — for that moment at least — like I could one day be on the same playing field.

Check out our gameplay sparring session below!

With all of this awesome hands-on time with Dead or Alive 6, I’m more excited than ever for the full release. There are still so many characters I need to spend time with to determine who best suits my playstyle, and they keep getting announced — with Christie being the most recent addition. It won’t be long until the title is available to everyone to play as Dead or Alive 6 launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 15, 2019.

Stick around for more DOA news and content right here at Shoryuken! We’ll see you out there!


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