Thailand Game Show 2018 results

By on November 2, 2018 at 5:00 pm

While Canada Cup 2018 was the main attraction in terms of competitive fighting game action last weekend, the Thailand Game Show 2018 in Bangkok also played host to some impressive action, serving as a Dragon Radar event on the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour, as well as holding tournaments for Bandai Namco Entertainment’s pair of 3D fighters: Tekken 7 and the newly-released SoulCalibur VI.



Dragon Ball FighterZ

1. GAZE|Nickey_e (Trunks/Adult Gohan/Super Saiyan Vegeta, Gotenks/Cooler/Bardock) – Will be flown to the Saga event of his choice
2. CGP|ALDEN (Kid Buu/Adult Gohan/Goku Black)
3. PC-Only|FGO (Cell/Bardock/Super Saiyan Vegeta)
4. KamikazeJD (Kid Buu/Gotenks/Android 16)
5. GAZE|BALLxZA (Kid Buu/Bardock/Android 16)
5. PC-Only|AxeWooD (Android 16/Super Saiyan Goku/Tien)
7. TJ|MindRPG (Hit/Cooler/Super Saiyan Vegeta)
7. WDP|D4C (Bardock/Kid Buu/Super Saiyan Vegeta)


SoulCalibur VI

1. TJ|SunGouki (Nightmare)
2. FoRTuNeR (Astaroth, Yoshimitsu)
3. CTS|HachiBachi (Voldo)
4. 725 (Nightmare, Mitsurugi)
5. Detoxz (Kilik)
5. PUNG (Nightmare, Siegfried)
7. PJ|Maydic (Astaroth)
7. Mezzanino|Cyberbully (Ivy)


Tekken 7

1. Book (Jin Kazama)
2. Uncle Ben (Geese Howard, Shaheen)
3. Samlan CNX Shin Akuma (Akuma)
4. CTS|HachiBachi (Eddy Gordo, Lucky Chloe)
5. FoRTuNeR (Ling Xiaoyu)
5. ReaperRabbit182 (Jin Kazama)
7. 725 (Steve Fox)
7. Jadey (Kazuya Mishima, Bryan Fury, Kazumi Mishima, Heihachi Mishima)
9. AngryCheese (Master Raven)
9. Skadong (Jin Kazama, Devil Jin)
9. TK_isada (Alisa Bosconovitch, Anna Williams)
9. YUY|Wolfmanbell (Claudio Serafino)
13. Champagne Supernova (Clauido Serafino)
13. TJ|MindRPG (King, Akuma)
13. Cyberfoxz (Hwoarang, Steve Fox)
13. MaxCybers (Feng Wei)

Source: TGU_main


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