Persona Entertainment’s latest The King of Fighters XIV combo video features Nelson

By on October 31, 2018 at 6:00 pm

The King of Fighters series is not an easy one to get into: tricky combos and tight footsies, while adding a lot of quality to high level play, can scare off many from burning to fight. Though, despite the game’s intimidating nature, there’s plenty of players out there who love it… such as Persona. Check out their video for Nelson — the 52nd in their KOFXIV series

Persona is responsible for a ludicrous amount of the combo videos on YouTube, having made a video for every single character of The King of Fighters XIII, and having almost done the same for The King of Fighters XIV. We’ve covered plenty of Persona’s works here at SRK, and after years of consistent content, it seems as though they’ll never stop. Persona has noted on Twitter that they hope to be done with KOFXIV’s roster before 2019, so only time may tell what will come next on their agenda.

Source: Persona Entertainment


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