SoulCalibur VI Tech Roundup – Siegfried Soul Charge, Azwel Ground Pound loops, and more!

By on October 29, 2018 at 12:00 pm
Soul Calibur 6

SoulCalibur VI‘s new soul charge mechanic has been the source of what is easily some of the most powerful looking and consistent combos we’ve seen in the SC universe. Married with cast wide flexibility and its no surprise that it forms a large part of the tech that’s coming out for the game — let’s jump in and see what the community has developed today!

Before you can do any fancy combos in SC, you need to know about proper movement. A veteran player like Hayate EIN is the perfect person to learn movement fundamentals from!

Siegfried’s wall combos not only hurt, but he seems to have an abundance of high damage options when he’s the one that’s cornered. Keep in mind your spacing!

You might feel like you’re seeing a lot of Mina players around — this is because Mina players have finally received a version of their character that hits as hard as everyone else. Look at this damage output!

Don’t get hit by Azwel’s mid projectile when he’s in Soul Charge.

To close out today we have some excellent RO and reverse wall combo options for everyone’s favorite blind Italian:


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