Shut down Asuka parries in Tekken 7’s Chicken mechanic

By on October 27, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Asuka’s parry can be seen at every level of play of Tekken 7 — though you’ll see it performed a lot more at lower ranks than in tournament play (even if Dimeback still sneaks it in every now and then.) One reason for this is that Asuka’s parry loses to lows, knees, and elbows — it’s not the “catch all” it might seem on the surface. Perhaps more importantly, though, it doesn’t even “win” versus the moves it’s supposed to catch — if you’re ready to “Chicken”, that is.

“Chickening” originated in Tekken 3, named so after the announcer would yell out ‘Chicken!’ for performing the maneuver. This technique allows you to litteratly break Asuka’s parry if she chooses to parry, and with no penalty on you if she doesn’t. Check out XXkkingXX‘s video above to learn more about this important fundamental!

Source: XXkkingXX

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