Will Namco respond to the growing backlash against Create-A-Souls in Soul Calibur VI’s ranked mode?

By on October 24, 2018 at 5:00 pm

Soul Calibur VI‘s reception has been fairly positive, much more so than previous entries in the series. That doesn’t mean there aren’t complaints, and there’s one argument — particularly coming from within the FGC — that seems to be gaining traction. SCII Legend Aris’s video on the subject captures the feeling best:

There’s a growing discussion surrounding the fairness of Create-a-Soul in the ranked battles of Soul Calibur VI. As has been understood in past versions of the game, these characters possess different ranges, hitboxes, and hurtboxes than the characters their styles are based on. Note that “different” doesn’t necessarily mean “better” — you’re practically nerfing yourself if you make a CaS Astaroth, and the game has built in modifiers to make taller characters deal less damage — but it only takes one dropped combo on a weird anime wife for that fact to not matter. (Not to mention that you could cover your character in animation obscuring objects.)


This isn’t necessarily a new topic — in the past,  the SC community wrestled with the legality of everything from SC2’s console specific characters to SC4’s bonus characters. In the era of patching and with Namco keen on keeping up the reputation they’ve built up with Tekken 7’s success, though, the vocal backlash against CaS in Ranked might actually be enough to get a response. It certainly worked with Tekken’s input lag debacle sometime ago — so if this ruins your Ranked experience too, now’s the time to sound off.

Source: AvoidThePuddle

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