WydD releases input latency test results from the most recent patch for Street Fighter V on PlayStation 4

By on October 23, 2018 at 1:01 pm

For the last few weeks, Capcom has touted a new patch that they stated aimed to reduce input lag within the game’s engine — a problem that has plagued players since the release of the title in 2016. Questions lingered on how much the patch would actually do, and further still, whether the patch would do anything about the stability, which caused lag to be higher at certain points — the infamous “lag cycle”.

With the patch now out, Loïc “WydD” Petit has put the PlayStation 4 version through his stress test. The verdict is in, and input latency has been reduced from 5.4 frames of lag to 4.5 frames of lag — a lag window that is closer to other titles, Fighting EX Layer being just over 4 frames — but still outside of the input lag window of Ultra Street Fighter IV which clocks in at 3.5 frames.

Further, stability has improved drastically, up to 77% from a staggeringly low 40%, meaning that while there will be occasional random issues with lag and inputs, the dreaded lag cycle has been put to rest.

This bodes well for the title, as input latency and instability are issues for which fixes have been long-desired by the SFVAE playerbase.

Source: WydD (Twitter)


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