SoulCalibur VI input lag tested — and it’s comparable to Street Fighter V

By on October 19, 2018 at 3:00 pm

As SoulCalibur VI is now available, some may be wondering about input lag in the game. Any seasoned fighting game fan wants to know the precise milliseconds between the timing of their input and the resulting animation on the screen. French computer science developer WydD put Bandai Namco’s latest fighter through the wringer, and unfortunately, the results aren’t the best.

Per his testing on PlayStation 4, SCVI has approximately 5.42 frames of lag, variable by stability. This positions right around Street Fighter V‘s estimated 5.37 frames of delay, and slower than Tekken 7‘s reduced lag (4.60 frames).

The chart below displays the results:

SC VI lag test

WydD said that due to a “weird bug” the stability came out to 72%. He also cross-checked with other games to make sure the issue isn’t with his console. SoulCalibur VI has legacy controller mode, and that didn’t affect testing either.

lag chart ps4 10.2018

Having played the game at various events in an offline setting, I definitely felt a fair amount of input delay. Whether Bandai Namco is going to patch the game to reduce this remains to be seen; however, before letting this deter you from purchasing, make sure to check out Shoryuken’s own review of SoulCalibur VI to help guide your decision!

Sources: WydD; Google Docs


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