Tanita is restarting their twin-stick VIRTUAL-ON controller project for PlayStation 4

By on October 18, 2018 at 9:00 am

Earlier this year, we reported that Tanita was collaborating with Sega to develop a new twin-stick for the latter’s latest VIRTUAL-ON game Toaru Majutsu no VIRTUAL-ON. While that project ended in failure, the company is now having another go at it.

Famitsu is reporting that Tanita is once again working with Sega on a twin-stick controller for PlayStation 4. The controller is to be called the “XVCD-18-b 18 type control device”, named after the model number of one of the series Virtuaroids, and will cost ¥44,600 ($396). Preliminary design drawings of the controller show a much larger case than the previous attempt, this time looking to accurately replicate the original VIRTUAL-ON arcade control panel.

Helping with this is new partner Sanwa Denshi, who is now involved with the project. As part of this partnership, Tanita is looking to create a new business model for them for manufacturing these kinds of controllers.

As with the previous effort though, whether or not the XVCD-18-b 18 reaches production will be based on whether or not it can get enough support for the players. Tanita is gauging interest via CAMPFIRE where interested players have until November 29 to order. Production will only commence once 1,000 orders have been placed.

Source: Famitsu


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