Episode 5 of “Think, Don’t Mash!” shows how fundamentals broadly apply to Street Fighter V — regardless of character

By on October 17, 2018 at 6:00 pm

“This works for everybody, I swear!”

The Think, Don’t Mash! series has been slowly weaving a narrative about fundamentals over the past four tutorial-based episodes of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition gameplay. Today’s episode is the payoff — Press Button Win shows that everything he’s done to build his Chun-Li game plan from scratch is so basic to learning fighting games that it can be broadly applied to the whole cast.

So: in comes random select.

Armed with a standing medium kick and big dreams, PBW’s newly-hatched Birdie took to the ranks to show how footsies and fundamental control can teach you a lot about the way fighting games are properly played. This is a concept that transcends character and game — it all comes down to you.

Source: Press Button Win


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