Learn the basics of SoulCalibur VI with MarkMan in this quick video

By on October 16, 2018 at 9:00 am
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As you’ve most likely heard, SoulCalibur VI will finally be available for purchase on our devices later this week — on October 19th. If you’ve never played the series, but are curious or want to introduce a friend to the game, let them know about this introductory video from Bandai Namco.

MarkMan narrates the video, first going over the basics of movement. Note that in order to crouch or jump, you have to hold the Guard button, because normally, pressing up and down will make your character strafe in the appropriate direction; this is the famous 8-Way Run! For those who played the series before, the horizontal versus vertical attack system is familiar. The “rock-paper-scissors” nature of this system is reflected in a new battle mechanic, Reversal Edge. By pressing B+G, you enter a parrying stance, blocking any attacks except for Guard Breaks and Unblockables, then hit the opponent. On contact, the two fighters enter a clash cinematic where pressing A defeats K, B overcomes A, and K counters B. Additional movement options are available.

Sort of similar to SoulCalibur V, a power meter returns. This time, it can be used either for Soul Charge (a temporary, powered-up state), Critical Edge attacks (supers) or some character-specific attacks. Note that if your opponent is on the match point, you will always get a full bar of power, and the meter has a capacity for two actions.

Check out the video below to get ready for the release of SoulCalibur VI:

Source: Bandai Namco


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