Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour New Zealand Online Dragon Radar Event results

By on October 13, 2018 at 11:00 am

Late last month, the online portion of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour continued, this time with an Online Dragon Radar Event for New Zealand, where 16 of the island country’s mightiest warriors assembled to battle throughout cyberspace for the chance to represent their country at a Saga Event of their choosing. Cameraman and Farpenoodle were on hand to call the Top 5 action.



Dragon Ball FighterZ

1. ORDER|Toash (Kid Buu/Adult Gohan/Super Saiyan Goku) – Will be flown to a Saga Event of his choice
2. Blackout (Android 18/Android 16/Tien)
3. GhostChips (Super Saiyan Goku/Android 16/Goku Black, Cell/Android 16/Goku Black)
4. ReapYourFace (Vegeta/Kid Buu/Goku)
5. STREAMLINE|massi4h (Cell/Android 16/Super Saiyan Vegeta)
5. nzSmite
7. Mighty Ape|WaZa
7. Mizu

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