Wake up with these flashy combos for The King of Fighters XIV’s Meitenkun from Persona Entertainment

By on October 11, 2018 at 2:00 pm

The King of Fighters XIV‘s Meitenkun’s entire shtick might be that he’s sleepy (coincidentally, putting him in company with a strange archtype along with Tekken 7‘s Eliza and Guilty Gear Xrd‘s Bedman), his combos are anything but. Persona Entertainment‘s latest combo might feature largely impractical work, but individual moments — EX mid-screen loops, wall carry, etc — are not only worth learning, but genuinely entertaining to watch.

If you enjoyed these meticulous Meitenkun combos, this is apart of a larger series covering the entire cast. You can click here to see more work like this from Persona Entertainment.

Source: Persona Entertainment


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