Join the Manji Clan with Hayate EIN’s Yoshimitsu primer for SoulCalibur VI

By on October 11, 2018 at 12:00 pm
yoshimitsu feature

If you come from the Tekken series, you would probably never associate Yoshimitsu with solid fundamentals and versatile, practical strength. Get ready for culture shock: this has been the Yoshimitsu experience in high-level Calibur play for years thanks to his standard setting speed and incredibly strong and basic 50/50s. Not only does this hold true still in SoulCalibur VI, the fact he now builds meter faster than most characters in the game with his new “Soul Steal” mechanic makes him capable of bullying the opponent event more.

This doesn’t mean he is without stylish gimmicks, however. As Hayate EIN demonstrates in his latest breakdown video, his new Dragon Flight options and okizeme give him more than enough ways to confuse and frustrate opponents, particularly in Soul Charge. This is an excellent character to start SCVI with, and learn how a Calibur game is played.

Source: Hayate EIN


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